During a strategic planning process in 2010-2011, applied ethics was chosen as an “area of targeted excellence” in the Philosophy Department at Texas A&M. We are moving quickly to expand our reputation in this field, and to encourage graduate students of the highest caliber with an interest in applied ethics to study at A&M. Our program’s unique requirement of a master’s degree in a discipline outside of philosophy makes it especially well-suited for students who want to specialize in applied ethics.

The faculty at Texas A&M believe that research in applied ethics is significantly enriched by the study of the relevant empirical sciences. Reflecting this belief, in the summer of 2010, three department faculty with active research programs in applied ethics received a grant of almost $50,000 for a two year project designed to foster close-quarters collaboration with research scientists from other universities who are active in the areas of engineering, risk, and the environmental or animal sciences.

The goal is to produce three cutting-edge research papers in which discussions of applied ethics are truly enriched by the expertise of scientists in related fields. To this end, the grant provides funding for a series of three workshops at which these faculty and their scientist collaborators from other universities will discuss their chosen topics with interested faculty and graduate students from philosophy and other departments across campus, culminating in a day-long mini-conference at which penultimate drafts of the resulting papers will be presented for discussion prior to submission for publication.

Information about other initiatives within the College of Liberal Arts at Texas A&M can be found here.