The Applied Ethics Initiative will host three workshops on the Texas A&M campus from Spring 2012 to Spring 2013. Three collaborators in the sciences will be brought to campus for two days to meet with members of the Applied Ethics Initiative, as well as other interested students and faculty from across the TAMU campus. Following the three workshops, each of the three collaborators will be invited back to campus to participate in a final mini-conference that will be open to the public. The schedule of workshops and the mini-conference is as follows:

      First workshop: Brendon Larson, April 6, 2012
      Second workshop: Chuck Huff, November 1, 2012
      Third workshop: Jonathan Newman, January 30, 2013
      Miniconference: November 1, 2013

Please contact T.J. Kasperbauer ( if you would like additional information about these events.